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We believe that the long awaited arrival of virtual reality presents opportunities to redefine consumer entertainment. Greg Enell, a veteran of casual and mobile gaming, founded Presence Labs in 2015 to begin forward investing in this compelling new medium. The result is a rapidly growing VR studio comprised of elite talent with both mobile and core gaming expertise. Located in Seattle, it is our mission to deliver immersive entertainment experiences that delight consumers all over the world.


Your music drives a widely varying catalog of virtual reality experiences. Stream music or play music files directly from your device, all from within GrooVR. Experience your music in a reality that must be seen to believe. Follow GrooVR on Facebook or Twitter and know when new experiences arrive.

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Presence Labs is proud to bring you Fireworks VR, a musical celebration of Independence Day! Enjoy unique and traditional 4th of July musical favorites while fireworks dance around Lady Liberty herself. After the grand finale, tune in to GrooVR and check out our VR music visualizer.



Presence Labs is a leading Seattle based VR startup. The company prides itself on its open collaborative environment where employees participate in the creative process as well as strategic discussions. Working with a new consumer technology challenges each team member’s abilities and results in a pioneering spirit. Ownership, pride, flexibility and self-direction are traits shared by everyone. SEE THE TEAM